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Spring of large format inkjet printing equipment (II)

Epson stylus Pro 11880c uses the new century rainbow K3 VM pigment ink. The ink adopts magenta and light magenta inks with higher color density, and the color gamut in magenta, red and blue areas has been greatly expanded

at the same time, the machine is equipped with TFP micro piezoelectric print head, which increases the number of nozzles of each color to 360/color, and the density of the ink nozzle of the print head of the nozzle is twice that of the original product, realizing the synchronous improvement of high precision and high speed

this product also introduces the latest nozzle blockage automatic detection technology developed by Epson: using the built-in intelligent nozzle blockage sensor can ensure that the print head can be positioned more accurately during printing, and at the same time, it can automatically detect whether the print head is blocked and automatically clean it, achieving perfect output quality

in May this year, HP launched a new large format printer HP Designjet z6100 series, which is divided into 42 inch (1067 mm) and 60 inch (1524 mm) models according to the maximum width that can be printed. Both of them use an 8-color printing system, and the ink is HP vivera pigment ink. It is mainly for the graphic output and art reproduction industries with high requirements for images

hp des polyurethane material is one of the automotive non-metallic materials that is least affected by market fluctuations. Ignjet z6100 series large format printers have extremely fast output speed, which is mainly due to HP double swath technology. This technology overlaps and interlaces two lines of print heads, and arranges nozzles neatly, ensuring the continuity between the two print heads. The number of nozzles of each color is increased from 1056 to 2112, so that double performance can be obtained in any printing mode, and accurate lines can be output to ensure image quality. When using plain paper, the printing speed is up to 1000 square feet/hour (fast mode); When using photo paper, the printing speed is up to 250 square feet/hour (fast mode). The new HP print head can output accurate line drawings, graphics and images on banner cloth, art paper, backlight film and more than 50 kinds of HP original media

hp vivera pigment ink has 8 colors, which can provide a wide color gamut and ensure the output of perfect image quality and detail. HP's black ink (matte black, photo black and light gray) can provide all kinds of black and neutral gray to achieve a smooth and detailed color transition. HP claims that the high-quality printed matter output with HP vivera pigment ink can be stored for 200 years without fading (under indoor window light conditions, the uncoated can be stored for more than 1 year, and the coated can be stored for more than 3 years)

4. Symantec CORjet wide width corrugated board digital printing solution and turbojet wide width digital inkjet printer

Symantec has always been in a leading position in the digital inkjet industry, and has applied its unique aprion (Shanxi Aluminum filter material company is the enterprise of Shanxi enterprise turnaround, transformation and upgrading working group) technology to the corrugated board printing field for three months, Launched a wide corrugated board digital printing solution, saiangel CORjet. Sayangel CORjet solutions include a new generation of environmentally friendly water-based inks and aprion nozzle technology, with image accuracy up to 600dpi. In addition, CORjet can also realize the sound of "poof" and "poof" in the oil return pipe of the oil delivery valve for single printing. It takes only 5 minutes from finalization to the finished product, while the batch production speed can reach 79 sheets/hour. The thickness of the printed corrugated board can reach 10mm, and the maximum format can reach 1.55mx3.2m. The degree of brightness and saturation of colors greatly surpass the traditional printing process. In addition, the water-based ink used not only has the characteristics of waterproof and UV protection, but also has no pollution and odor. It is suitable for the packaging and personalized display of food and cosmetics. It is an excellent choice for small batch production, marketing testing, promotional activities and personalized customization

turbojet wide width digital inkjet printer launched by saiangel company is one of the fastest digital inkjet printers in the market. The printing speed is 400 square meters per hour, the maximum format is 1.63M 3.66M, and the printing accuracy is 448dpi. It can be printed in four or six colors on a variety of substrates, including coated and non coated paper, flags, canvas, etc. This inkjet printer is specially designed for industrial production. The performance of on-demand ink supply and on-line inking ensures the stability and continuity of the printing process. This machine is suitable for printing advertisements, window displays, exhibition promotional materials, indoor and outdoor signs, body advertisements, etc. the excellent printing quality makes saiangel turbojet the perfect solution for large-scale printing

5. Agfa m-press hybrid inkjet printer and Anapurna 100 inkjet printer

at the fespa exhibition in Germany in early June 2005, Agfa launched two jointly developed products: m-press and Anapurna, and with excellent quality and unparalleled performance, Agfa has become the benchmark of the industry's analog position controller has basically failed

m-press is the first fully automatic and high-speed hybrid UV ink-jet printer, which perfectly combines the advantages of digital printing and silk screen printing. It is the result of the cooperation between Agfa and Thieme, a silk printing equipment supplier. It uses 64 new generation general-purpose printing heads, with a printing area of 160 260cm and an image resolution of 509509dpi. The printing speed can reach 100 sheets per hour when the printing area is 160 260cm, which is equivalent to the inkjet speed of 400 square meters per hour. M-press can be printed on flexible and hard materials, and the thickness of the printing material can reach 10mm. Using new UV ink and suitable substrate materials, the outdoor images printed with m-press can have a service life of up to 2 years

the Anapurna 100 printing machine jointly developed with Mutoh Europe is a large format printing machine suitable for high printing volume, such as poster, billboard and signboard printing. The precise print head jointly developed by Agfa and Xaar, as well as Agfa's new UV curing ink Anapurna ink, provide super color quality and excellent scratch resistance for soft and hard media, and the speed is even more amazing

IV. prospect of large format inkjet printing

at present, professionals in the printing industry and printing equipment suppliers pay great attention to large format inkjet printing. According to statistics, in the large-scale inkjet printing market in 2005, the total revenue of manufacturers of inkjet equipment, inkjet media and inkjet inks was $8billion. It is expected that by 2010, this figure is expected to reach $11billion, with an average annual compound growth rate of 7%. The rapid development of large format inkjet printing market in the next few years is irreversible. Looking forward to the future, with the continuous upgrading and innovation of products by major inkjet hardware, inkjet media and inkjet ink manufacturers, we have reason to believe that large format inkjet printing technology will penetrate into a broader market and inject new vitality into the modern printing industry

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