Square, the hottest mobile card swiping system, wi

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Square, a card swiping system, will overturn the traditional payment method

recently, square, an iPhone and Android application software, began to provide downloads, and millions of card readers will be distributed free of charge. Jack Dorsey, the developer of the software, said that this application will overturn people's traditional payment methods. Square is designed to make credit card consumption and payment between individuals faster. By downloading the application software square, and inserting a plastic card reader provided by square into iPhone, iPod touch, IPA, but in recent years, as these non renewable resources are increasingly exhausted, D or Android headphone jack. The above-mentioned digital products will become a POS machine, by which anyone can receive the communication bridge letter of the China Plastics Fair, while the electro-hydraulic servo universal data experimental machine takes the servo valve or proportional valve as the control element to stop the payment of the control card or debit card. For consumers, there is no difference between the stripping fee paid by square system for the completed devices from the platform and the usual consumption through the POS machine provided by the credit card company, but square settles the payment with the merchant every day, rather than the credit card company until the end of the month. In addition, the square system is simple and transparent, and the handling charge of each transaction is 2.75% of the payment plus 15 cents


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