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The following is a brief introduction from three aspects: manufacturing specifications, changing relevant terms, and product introduction. Leaders of microcomputer controlled change laboratory machines have a spring welcome forum with retired plant level leaders

leaders of Jianglu group and retired plant level leaders

Chinese construction machinery information ESC is different from chemical resistance

in the afternoon of January 20, Jianglu group held a spring welcome forum with retired plant level leaders

Before the symposium, Li Gangli, chairman and Secretary of the Party committee of the company, Huang shuaidan, general manager, Huang Huaide, chairman of the board of supervisors, Peng Jian'an, deputy secretary of the Party committee, Secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection and chairman of the labor union, Zeng Shihan, general manager of the industrial company, and heads of relevant departments accompanied retired factory level leaders to visit the company's precision machining production line and body manufacturing production line. Ligangli introduced the company's "four lines and one side" construction concept, focusing on the development of students II. Military products produced by closed-loop control, newly introduced and applied high-precision equipment, and the training of high skilled staff. Standing in front of the advanced manufacturing production line and facing the changes in the overall appearance of the company after quality improvement and transformation, retired factory leaders frequently praised and fully affirmed it

the symposium was chaired by Peng Jian'an. Zeng Shihan reported on the management of retired veteran cadres of the company

on behalf of the company, Li Gangli sincerely wishes the retired leaders a happy new year, good health and good luck in everything. We sincerely thank the retired leaders for their contributions to the development of the company and for their care, understanding and support for the construction and development of the company. Ligangli said that in the past 2016, the cadres and employees of the company have been united, worked hard and made good achievements, which can be summarized as nine highlights. The production task of the company in 2017 is still arduous. In order to ensure the completion of the tasks of the whole year and the realization of the goals, the company put forward the working ideas and made arrangements at the workers' Congress held this morning. The cadres and employees of the company will not forget their original intentions, forge ahead bravely, do a good job in the reform and development work, and successfully complete the goals and tasks of the whole year with a diligent and pragmatic style and a responsible attitude

Huang shuaidan and Huang Huaide delivered speeches at the symposium respectively. They respectively made a brief introduction to the business work and the work of the board of supervisors in 2016. They hoped that the retired leaders would put forward more valuable opinions for the sustainable and healthy development of the company, and said that they would work hard as always, live up to the expectations of the retired leaders and all the people at the foot of the river, work solidly and be willing to contribute

the symposium was held in a warm and relaxed atmosphere. Retired factory level leaders spoke freely. They said that although they were no longer in their jobs, they were still concerned about the development of the foothills of the river and were sincerely pleased to see the new face of the company today. The current leadership of Jianglu is pragmatic, innovative, pioneering and enterprising, and has laid a solid foundation for the company to achieve sustainable and scientific development through hard work. The eight requirements put forward by the company in 2017 are also the eight commitments made, which are not only in line with the actual situation of the company, but also express the wishes of the employees, and point out the direction of the comprehensive development of the company. We hope that the company's 1 series of chain reactions caused by overload will be determined to forge ahead, grasp the general trend, fight steadily, and gradually develop and expand in the fierce market competition, so as to make the future of Jianglu better and the happiness index of Jianglu employees higher. (this article comes from the foot of the river)

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