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Shengze chemical fiber market dynamics Express (3.18)

on March 17, the polyester Market in Shengze and Jiaxing was still weak, and the purchase intention of the downstream appeared from time to time. Considering inventory and production and marketing factors, it is reported that POY of a large factory in Xiaoshan fell by 100 yuan/t. The quotations of spinning manufacturers such as Shengze, Taicang and Tongxiang remained basically unchanged today, and the phenomenon of price concessions and promotions continued when some varieties were actually traded

from the perspective of variety trend, the sales of FDY lustrous silk in the market are stable at present. Among them, the sales of fdy50d/24f products are better, while the sales of FDY lustrous silk products above 150D are also good. Among them, fdy50d/24f products are mainly used in the production of satin and light textile fabrics. Among DTY products, 100d/36f, 150d/48f and 75d/36f products are sold fairly well, while other specifications and varieties are generally sold. Generally speaking, the sales of coarse denier silk in DTY series products are slightly better than that of fine denier silk. POY products are acceptable, and the sales of POY products are weak

at present, the upstream polyester raw materials are weak and volatile, and downstream enterprises are increasingly cautious in purchasing. At present, the production and sales of spinning mills are uneven, and the polyester inventory pressure is increasing. Polyester market has formed a situation of "lack of support at the top and demand at the bottom". The polyester situation in the subsequent city is even more worrying because of the tight supply in the overall PE market in India. Most people believe that the overall polyester market will continue to be weak in the short term

although the quotation of differentiated cationic silk is temporarily stable, the trading volume decreases. From the perspective of variety trend, fdy63d and 75D fine denier silk manufacturers in the market can deliver goods, which are mainly used for water jet weaving to produce jacquard, and fdy30d is stronger in the market. At present, the CDP chip market of upstream raw materials has a 6-month acceptance and short-distance delivery. The buyout transaction price is about 14400 yuan/ton, and the downstream weaving purchase intention is cautious, so it is difficult to improve the purchasing power. It is expected that the overall market of cationic silk in the future will be mainly consolidation. The trading market of polyester/polyester composite yarn is stable and weak, and the market quotation is temporarily stable, but the trading volume is small. The island composite silk market has remained stable for some time, and the market sales are still good. It is expected that the island silk sales market will continue to go smoothly in the future. The market trend of polyester/nylon composite yarn continues to be flat. Dynamic display of market price: Polyester/nylon composite dty90d/72f × The price of 16 petals remained stable compared with the previous days. It is expected that the polyester/nylon composite yarn market will be stable and weak in the future

pta spot price fluctuation adjustment, MEG battery/inverter box) Use the structural properties of resin materials to reduce weight (the price of the exterior panel of the car body continues to decline slightly, the prices of semi gloss polyester chips and bright polyester chips are weak, the price trend of CDP chips is stable, and the price trend of polyester bottle chips is reduced. The spot transaction price of semi gloss chips in the market is 13700 yuan/ton, which is accepted in March, and the cash mainstream is generally 13600 yuan/ton. At this time, the user needs to disassemble the cleaning oil delivery valve, which will be delivered in a short distance of 13600 yuan/ton in three months, and the cash mainstream is one Generally 13500 yuan/ton. The spot transaction price of CDP chip market is about 14400 yuan/ton, and it will be accepted and delivered in six months. Generally, the transaction price of polyester bottle chips delivered to the market is 14100 yuan/t. The trading volume in the polyester chip market is still small

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