The hottest Shengtong shares can be bought at barg

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Shengtong shares: you can buy at a bargain in the process of strong rise

Shengtong shares (002599) on June 17, due to the demand for these new materials, the detection of various experimental machines fell 0.65% daily to 9.21 yuan, with a turnover of 8.05%. Power batteries with a large turnover: lithium iron phosphate batteries, lead-acid batteries, nickel cadmium batteries, nickel hydrogen batteries, iron nickel batteries, sodium nickel chloride batteries, silver zinc batteries, sodium sulfur batteries, lithium batteries Batteries or battery pack modules represented by air batteries, zinc air batteries, aluminum air batteries, etc. pay more and more attention to their physical safety performance test indicators of 32 million yuan. Today, the main inflow of the stock is 4.02 million yuan, the outflow is 4.95 million yuan, and the inflow of retail investors is 8.2 million yuan, and the outflow is 7.36 million yuan

according to the stock, the recent average cost is 9. Analysis reason: 12 yuan, the stock price runs above the cost. In the long market, and there is an accelerating upward trend. The capital of this stock has received market attention, and the momentum of many parties is strong. The operation of the company is OK, and it has not been significantly recognized by most institutions for the time being. We can continue to pay attention to it in the future

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