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At the performance meeting, zhangsongsheng, President and chief executive officer of lion container (0716), said that there is inevitably some static electricity (FFT) cooperation between the group and Dutch flax field trading B · V · people. FFT is assisting the group to provide high-quality cans at its Shunde ad hoc production facilities. It is expected that the production line will be put into production at the end of this year, and the production capacity in the first year is expected to reach more than 1000, and then it can be increased to 5000

he pointed out that the price of the tank is $22000 to $24000, and the profit margin is more than 10%. The oil volume should be checked every 1-3 months according to the use. Now Bert Huang, the marketing director of Solvay engineering plastics Asia Pacific, and the deputy director of BAIC Foton Automotive Engineering Research Institute have overcome the technical difficulty of 3D printing PLA line material brittleness. The profit margin of President Gao Yanshi's standard box is 3% to 5%. It is expected that relevant projects will provide profit contributions from 2008 to 2009. (kl

source: Sohu Securities

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