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632 orders lead to several problems that the Oak Ridge National Laboratory team needs to solve: can we overcome the diversity of lignin raw materials? China National Heavy Duty Truck HOWO

632 orders detonate China National Heavy Duty Truck howo-t Zibo evaluation meeting

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on January 15, a "China National Heavy Duty Truck Man technology howo-t series product evaluation meeting" with the theme of "quality pioneer drives the future" was grandly held in Zibo City. 632 sets of orders were obtained at the tasting site, which made a good start to the new year for sinotruk Mann technology products

focusing on the marketing core idea of "focus man products, achieve new breakthroughs", this tasting will bring an exclusive experience of zero distance experience of international top heavy truck products to nearly 500 distribution network units, system major customers and end users in logistics towns

Duan Hengyong, deputy general manager of the Sales Department of SINOTRUK, delivered a welcome speech, describing the development process and scale of China's high viscosity amino acid fermentation broth, as well as many characteristics and advantages of Mann technology T-series products. He stressed that over the years, sinotruk has always adhered to the enterprise philosophy of "building high-quality products with personality and contributing to the society with high-quality products", and is committed to the research, development, production and sales of commercial vehicle products with advanced technology, economy, environmental protection, intelligence and efficiency. In the face of the new economic situation, all walks of life have more urgent needs for safe and comfortable high-end heavy trucks. Sinotruk is confident and determined to build howo-t series products into a new generation of heavy truck leaders with excellent products and considerate services, create better value for the majority of users, create more benefits and make greater contributions to the society

Wang Guoli, executive vice president of Shandong Federation of logistics and procurement, attended the event and delivered a speech. He analyzed the current situation and future development trend of the logistics industry, and spoke highly of the comprehensive market strength of China heavy truck. Wang Guoli pointed out that at present, there are only nearly 3000 A-level logistics enterprises among the hundreds of thousands of logistics enterprises in the country, so there is still a lot of room for development. With the rapid development of the national economy, the logistics industry is developing faster. Compared with other industries, the logistics industry is relatively less affected by the new normal, while the positive impact is greater. Now, the howerman technology T series new products brought by China Heavy Duty Truck adopt the same product design, production and assembly process as Germany Mann, and adopt European synchronous standards in production consistency management, test verification, product release and other aspects. The whole vehicle products are in the leading position in China in terms of power, economy, reliability, safety, comfort and so on. With the industry segmentation, the development of our cold chain logistics, dangerous goods logistics and other professional logistics has higher and higher requirements for the applicability of vehicles, and our drivers' desire for a better life is also higher and higher, requiring the cab to be more and more comfortable. All these can be met by the technology of SINOTRUK Mann, and the T-series products of SINOTRUK have the advantages of price and quality. Under the same vehicle environment, the operation efficiency of vehicles is higher and the service life is longer, It can bring more profit returns to users

the tasting meeting was wonderful. The professional lecturer's meticulous explanation of T series products improved customers' recognition of heavy truck T series products. After too long-term development and purchase desire. In the trial, it actively applied for the national torch base and was successfully approved in the first half of this year; Anhui aluminum products quality supervision and testing center has officially obtained the qualification certificate of inspection and testing institutions. In the parking lot, driverless performances, heavy truck Drift, fixed-point 360 degree rotation, rapid vehicle seating, fixed-point tire burning and other wonderful performances have won bursts of applause and warm applause from the audience. On site users are full of praise for the solid chassis, superior braking and good handling performance of the products. Many users rushed to sign up for the test drive to experience the superior driving comfort and strong power of man technology howo-t series products

in the subsequent on-site subscription link, users enthusiastically ordered cars and queued up to pay the deposit. The order quantity on the big screen was refreshed again and again, and finally locked at 632 cars, creating the highest on-site order quantity record of the "China heavy duty howo-t series product tasting" after 109 cars in Fuyang, 458 cars in Hangzhou, 216 cars in Zhengzhou and 518 cars in Chengdu in 2014

this event also focused on the "five one projects" innovative marketing measures proposed by the Sales Department of China National Heavy duty truck at the 2015 business conference, and awarded medals to two strategic partners and certificates to six customer opinion leaders on site

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