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The ordnance industry group orderly promoted the "no forbidden zone" reform and strongly ignited the concept stock

China mechanical and electrical products trading. It was learned that the ordnance industry group issued an article on July 22 to disclose that it had printed and distributed the "key points of reform". Analysts believe that the strong performance of listed companies under the ordnance industry group is closely related to this. China mechanical and electrical products trading learned that China Ordnance Industry Group (hereinafter referred to as the ordnance industry group) announced at the company's official on July 22 that it had formulated and issued the "key points for the work of the group's leading group for comprehensively deepening reform from 2014 to 2015" (hereinafter referred to as the "key points for reform"). On July 23, the group's listed companies rose as a whole, with northern navigation (600435, closing price 19.3 yuan) hitting a record high

northern navigation set a new high

in the past two trading days, northern navigation under the Ordnance Group has continued to strengthen. It rose another 4.48% on July 23, hitting a record high of 20.3 yuan in the session. Meanwhile, on July 23, the listed companies of the group strengthened as a whole. Northern shares (600262, closing price of 17.51 yuan) rose strongly. For spine surgeons, northern Entrepreneurship (600967, closing price of 14.01 yuan) and Optoelectronics (600184, closing price of 23.83 yuan) also surged by 6.54% and 6.05% respectively

analysts believe that the strong performance of listed companies under the Ordnance Group is closely related to the signal of deepening reform revealed by the group on July 22. On July 22, the official of the ordnance industry group released an article revealing that the "reform essentials" had been printed and distributed, and the work of the management system reform of the research on oil free outflow from the oil return pipe of the military products department, the reform of the headquarters' streamlining of approval matters, the pilot of mixed ownership and shareholding incentives for key personnel, the reform of the three systems, the separation and transfer of the three supplies and one industry, and the reform of military institutions would be carried out in an orderly manner

a securities industry analyst said that among the existing military industry groups, the asset securitization rate of Ordnance Equipment Group, AVIC group and shipbuilding industry group has been close to 40%. However, the ratio of ordnance industry group, aerospace science and technology group and Aerospace Science and industry group is still low, of which the above ratio of ordnance industry group is about 15%. As yinjiaxu, chairman and Secretary of the Party group of the ordnance industry group, wants to vigorously promote the reform of the no restricted zone under the policy framework of the sound of sound of sound of sound of sound of sound of sound of sound of sound of sound of sound of sound of sound of sound of sound of sound of sound of sound of sound of sound of sound of sound of sound of sound of sound of sound of sound of sound of sound of sound of sound of sound of sound of sound of sound of

ordnance industry group has strong expectations for military products injection

at present, China's electromechanical products trading found that ordnance industry group has 12 listed companies. Northern navigation is the first company in China to list military optoelectronic defense assets as a whole, with military products accounting for nearly 70% of its revenue; The revenue of military products of Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. accounts for more than 60%; The revenue of military products from entrepreneurship in the North accounts for nearly 20%; The military products revenue of Beihua shares accounts for nearly 6%, and the other eight listed companies are almost not related to military products or the proportion of military products is very small

in terms of trend, the asset securitization of ordnance industry group will inevitably move closer to AVIC and CSIC. The current low asset securitization rate inevitably means that there is greater potential for military product injection in the future. The release of the key points of the group's reform once again sent a clear signal to the market

Galaxy Securities is optimistic about the future capital operation prospects of Inner Mongolia First Machinery Group (hereinafter referred to as Inner Mongolia First Machinery Group) and Jinxi Industrial Group Based on the factors such as the asset scale and quality, strategic position, and the future development prospects of military products of the subsidiary groups where the listed companies are located

among them, China's electromechanical products trading found that neimengyiji, the major shareholder of northern entrepreneurship, is the country's only R & D and manufacturing base for main battle tanks and 8*8 wheeled combat vehicles. There are also many armored vehicles, supporting engine related enterprises and research institutes similar to tanks and wheeled combat vehicles in the ordnance industry group. For example, Beijing Northern vehicle group, Hunan Jianglu Electromechanical group, Harbin First Machinery Group, Northern General Dynamics Group, China Northern Vehicle Research Institute, etc. In addition, Jinxi Industrial Group, the major shareholder of Jinxi axle (600495, closing price of 14.68 yuan), is the scientific research and production base of rockets/shells in China, and rockets are consumables, which has the possibility of substantial demand growth at a specific stage

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