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Orchard machinery may become the next "tuyere" of agricultural machinery

in recent years, the demand of Chinese orchard farmers for orchard mechanization has become increasingly urgent, which is a great challenge to the industry. However, we have to admit that at present, the development of mechanization in China's fruit industry is relatively slow, and the phenomenon of inorganic availability and organic difficulty is relatively prominent. With the continuous promotion of agricultural mechanization, the R & D and promotion of agricultural machinery industry in the field of orchard machinery has gradually increased, which has brought good development opportunities to orchard machinery. The next few years will be an important period for small and medium-sized enterprises to enter the orchard machinery market. Orchard machinery may become the "next outlet" of the agricultural machinery market

make up the "weakness" in the fruit industry

China is a large country in the fruit industry, and it is also the largest fruit consumer in the world. In recent years, the planting area and output of fruits have ranked first in the world. However, the mechanization level of fruit production in China is one of the main shortcomings. According to statistics, the average comprehensive mechanization rate of China's fruit industry is only 26.6%, which is only equivalent to the level of developed countries in the 1950s and 1960s. The gap is very obvious. "Big but not strong, many but not excellent" is the main problem facing China's fruit industry at present

why is the mechanization rate of orchards so low in China

"As a large grain country, China has always focused on the R & D, production and promotion of the whole agricultural machinery industry on major grain crops such as wheat, corn and rice, and paid little attention to and invested in the field of orchard machinery. At present, China has made some progress in the mechanization of grain crops and achieved gratifying results. However, as an important economic support, mechanization should not be ignored, and the mechanization progress of the two should be balanced, so that both grain and fruit industries can Mechanization is also an inevitable requirement for China to become a powerful agricultural country. " Xiaohongru, a researcher at Nanjing Agricultural Mechanization Research Institute of the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas, said in an interview

in fact, in recent years, orchard machinery in China has developed. For example, in plant protection, there have been pneumatic spray and other mechanical equipment, but harvesting mainly depends on climbing trees, climbing ladders and stools, transporting fruits and fertilizers mainly depends on human and animal strength, and orchard lifting platforms and transportation tracks are rarely used. It is understood that a number of standardized orchards have also been built in the plain areas of China, and some machinery for flower thinning and fruit thinning, plastic pruning, pesticide spraying, fruit harvesting, transportation and so on have been gradually applied. It can be said that the single mechanization technology of each production link of orchards in China is basically complete

"In recent years, some of our national technical system mechanization post experts led their teams, in fact, have overcome many key technical problems, developed a large number of agricultural machinery and equipment suitable for orchard production, such as seedling raising, seedling raising, plant protection, digging, weeding, pruning, harvesting, transportation and so on, and carried out experimental demonstration and promotion in some main fruit producing areas, which has achieved the effect of improving operation efficiency and reducing production costs. However, these technologies are large It is in the hands of colleges and universities and scientific research institutions. How to comprehensively utilize and promote these technologies is the key to the next step of development. " Xiao Hongru said

there is still a long way to go to truly form orchard mechanization with Chinese characteristics

The reason why the comprehensive mechanization rate of the fruit industry is so low is that for a long time, the research and development, production and promotion of the whole agricultural machinery industry in China have focused on major food crops such as wheat, corn and rice, and there is little attention and investment in the field of orchard machinery. On the other hand, the main planting areas of fruits and vegetables in China are in mountainous and hilly areas. Hilly areas are small and scattered, with complex planting structures and many varieties. The natural conditions of "congenital deficiencies" seriously restrict the development of Agricultural Mechanization in hilly areas

orchard mechanization is even more so. It is understood that in China's current fruit production, digging pits and planting, trenching and fertilizing, pruning and shaping, flower and fruit thinning, weeding and bagging, picking and transportation and other links mostly rely on manual operations, with great labor intensity and low efficiency. Due to the disconnection between agronomy and agricultural machinery, the existing ordinary agricultural machinery and a small number of orchard machinery are also difficult to apply to most orchards. In addition, some orchards in the plain area are affected by the decentralized management mode of rural land, so it is difficult to form large-scale professional orchards. The scattered planting of small plots and small-scale families also affects the process of orchard mechanization

"under the double backlog of rising labor costs and growing shortage of young and strong labor, the profit space of fruits has fallen again and again. In the face of such a trend, in order to reduce costs and increase revenue, it is very necessary and urgent to develop and promote orchard machinery and improve the mechanization rate of fruit production." Zhuzhanjiang, assistant researcher of the Institute of agricultural mechanization of Xinjiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences, said frankly

in recent years, the planting area of domestic orchards has increased year by year. With the improvement of fruit quality and the increase of labor costs, orchard mechanized operation has become an urgent demand. Taking the orchard operation platform as an example, because it has the functions of pruning, picking, transportation and so on, it is an important link for orchard operation machinery to obtain composite materials with good performance. It is especially suitable for large-area planting, which not only improves the picking efficiency, reduces labor intensity, saves labor, etc., but also improves the fruit quality and increases the economic benefits of fruit farmers. However, most orchards in China are concentrated in Hilly and mountainous areas, and the terrain is uneven. Fruit tree management and fruit picking and transportation mainly rely on manual operations, which puts forward higher requirements for the versatility and practicality of orchard operation platform

"At present, it seems unlikely to realize the full mechanization of pruning or harvesting in the short term, and mechanical assisted harvesting will become a conventional technology. Large agricultural machinery is difficult to adapt to orchards in mountainous hills. It is necessary to develop small and medium-sized machines and tools suitable for mountainous hills, and develop orchard machinery suitable for different production areas and different varieties according to the local soil environment and planting mode. For example, orchard operation platforms with low cost and used to carry workers' movement It will become a standard configuration for pruning and harvesting, which is more suitable for the future orchard planting mode. At the same time, strengthening the effective combination of agricultural machinery and agricultural technology, and the coordination and cooperation between the two can truly realize the mechanization and modernization of orchard operations. " Zhu Zhanjiang said

to summarize and explore the common key technical needs of agricultural machinery in different regions, it is necessary to promote the cultivation mode suitable for mechanized operation according to the principle of coordination and integration of agricultural machinery and agronomy, and develop the orchard area of moderate scale production, so as to develop machinery and equipment with industrial applicability, advanced performance, reliable quality, gradual improvement of technology and market alignment, which is a unified and indivisible whole

orchard machinery market is worth looking forward to

with the scientific research investment of orchard production mechanization in China, more and more scientific research projects, R & D platforms, talent teams and so on have been invested in the field of orchard mechanization. Orchard machinery has become a "new focus" to gather advantageous resources and improve the supply capacity of production mechanization technology and equipment

speaking of the promotion of orchard machinery and the market changes of orchard machinery, enterprises in the industry expressed deep feelings

"orchard machinery has great market potential in the future, but it is not easy to do well." Zhao Wei, technical director of Zhejiang Yongli Machinery Co., Ltd., sighed, "There are many varieties of fruits and great regional differences, so it takes a long time to update the traditional planting mode. The sales characteristics of orchard machinery are many batches and few batches, which pose a great challenge to production. Unlike standardized products such as harvesters and transplanters, which can be used everywhere, enterprises can only adopt flexible production and order production according to specific varieties and planting modes, and the market cultivation cycle is relatively long." According to Zhao Wei, Yongli machinery has been involved in orchard machinery for four years since 2015. From the beginning, it cooperated with Nanjing Institute of agricultural mechanization of the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas to develop a new generation of orchard crawler self-propelled rotary cultivator, orchard picking platform, Mountain Orchard conveyor, etc

coincidentally, Hebei Zhongnong Boyuan Agricultural Equipment Co., Ltd., as a well-known domestic equipment supplier for the full mechanized operation of orchard production, also attaches great importance to the orchard machine melting point 268 degrees machine market. According to guosichang, marketing director of Zhongnong Boyuan, Zhongnong Boyuan cooperates closely with national industrial technology systems such as apple, citrus and grape, as well as experts from Hebei Agricultural University, Northwest University of agriculture and forestry science and technology, Qingdao Agricultural University and other universities, adheres to the school enterprise cooperative scientific research mode, and promotes enterprise product innovation and technological progress. A series of orchard equipment have been developed to meet the needs of domestic large-scale dwarf rootstock intensive cultivation orchards, such as orchard lawnmowers, air mist spray, self-propelled orchard operation platforms, orchard branch crushing and returning machines, tree planters, traction fertilizer spreaders, etc., so as to achieve the full mechanization of orchards in China as soon as possible

"large scale operation is the trend, and the use of machines can improve the efficiency of fruit production. The awareness of fruit farmers is changing, the farming mode is also changing, and orchard mechanized production is the general trend. As an enterprise, we also hope that the state can give more policy support, and look forward to the introduction of orchard machinery standards as soon as possible. The orchard machinery market is worth looking forward to." Guo Sichang said

looking at the domestic orchard machinery industry, it is currently in a state of "letting a hundred flowers bloom and a hundred schools of thought contend", with the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises producing orchard machinery after the transformation of previous manufacturers of tractors and harvesters. However, I believe that with the change of farmers' agronomy and the development of orchard agricultural machinery technology, the orchard machinery industry will surely have a bright future after undergoing a reshuffle, elimination, integration and transformation

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