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On August 9, 2010, the cumulative order volume of Beijing Hekang Yisheng Frequency Conversion Technology Co., Ltd. since its establishment has exceeded 2000 units, which is a day that all Hekang frequency converters will remember. This lucky number came from liujinlong, a colleague in Inner Mongolia of the sales system. The strong strength of Hekang inverter and his efforts finally led to the cooperation between Hekang inverter and Inner Mongolia Guangna coking company. As a professional media in the frequency converter industry, we can't help but feel happy for Hekang frequency converter, This excellent sales performance is behind it, but Rodney ruoff, who also focuses on graphene composites at the University of Texas in Austin, said "The author reports that how many Hekang inverter people have wisdom and sweat.

in June 2003, Beijing Hekang Yisheng Technology Co., Ltd., the predecessor of Hekang inverter, a leading enterprise of domestic high-voltage inverter and a listed company on the gem, was established at the foot of Xishan Mountain and beside the diversion canal of Yongding River. The seven-year development track of Hekang inverter can be accurately summarized in the words of fast, stable, accurate and hard.


in November 2003, Hekang inverter and Hubei metallurgical steel The Group signed a 6kv/1800kw high-voltage inverter for dust removal fan, which was one of the most powerful products in China at that time. Every day, 9800 yuan of electricity is saved for users, and users have recovered all their investment in less than a year. So far, the operation is in good condition, and the investment income has reached more than 6 times. On August 22, 2004, hivert-y06/077 high-voltage inverter was successfully put into operation in the 2# water injection pump of Chengdao Center No. 1 Platform of Shengli Oilfield offshore oil development company. Due to the particularity of its environment, the offshore platform has special requirements for equipment, so it is very cautious in the selection of high-voltage inverter. This field has always been the world of foreign products. Hivert-y06/077 high-voltage inverter has operated stably since it was put into use, It broke the monopoly of foreign brands on the offshore platform and won an honor for the domestic high-voltage inverter. In June, 2005, Hekang inverter successfully opened the international market and signed a contract with Russia for 6kv/4000kw ultra high power high voltage inverter, which was the highest power high voltage inverter product in China at that time. In February, 2006, Hekang inverter manufactured a prototype mask that can effectively absorb both dust particles and carbon dioxide. The 100th high-voltage inverter was settled in Chongqing Tongxing garbage power generation Co., Ltd., marking that Hekang high-voltage inverter has entered a new field of garbage power generation, which is also the first time that domestic high-voltage inverter has been applied to garbage power generation. In March, 2007, Hekang inverter signed a 6kv/800kw high-voltage inverter for air compressors with Sichuan Longqiao chemical industry, which is also the first domestic synchronous motor high-voltage inverter. The year 2008 can be described as a bumper harvest year for Hekang. In March, the sales volume of Hekang high-voltage inverters successfully exceeded 500; In May, Hekang variable-frequency high-power synchronous motor vector control high-voltage inverter passed the load test in Shanxi Linfen cement plant at one time; In December, 6.6kV products were exported to India. In May, 2009, the cumulative order of Hekang high voltage inverter reached 1000 sets. In January, 2010, Hekang inverter was successfully listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange; In July of the same year, the first domestic synchronous hoist high-voltage inverter developed and produced by Hekang inverter was put into use in Wutong mine of Fengfeng Group; In August, the order of high-voltage frequency converters produced by Hekang frequency conversion successfully exceeded 2000

facts depend on data. From 2003 to now, the rapid development of Hekang can be seen


the reason why Hekang inverter can develop so fast is that there is a strong R & D team with steady development behind it. Stability means not eager for quick success and instant benefits, but making solid development step by step. As a leading enterprise with outstanding achievements in the field of high-voltage frequency conversion, Hekang frequency conversion started with technology from the beginning. High voltage inverter has a high technical threshold. They understand that without a strong technical R & D force, enterprises cannot become bigger and stronger, so R & D has always been the top priority of Hekang inverter

let's look at the technological development path of Hekang inverter from the R & D achievements over the years

in 2006, Hekang inverter successfully developed the first 4000kW high-voltage inverter in China, which was exported to Russia; In 2007, it developed the first vector controlled high-voltage inverter in China; In 2008, the synchronous brushless excitation technology was successfully applied to the field of synchronous vector control high voltage frequency conversion; In 2009, it produced the first synchronous vector control high-voltage inverter in China; In 2010, the first 7700kw high-power high-voltage inverter in China was produced and exported to India

air and water cooling technology, the design and research and development of high-power inverter of synchronous machine are the current research and development focus of Hekang inverter. Later, some new projects will be listed in the research and development schedule, and I wish these new projects to be successfully put into production as soon as possible, so that the technical strength of Hekang inverter will be improved

accurate positioning is the compass for the development of Hekang inverter. Whether it is the accurate positioning of target customers or the positioning of future development, Hekang inverter has a clear direction. Knowing your strengths is an important prerequisite for accurate positioning. Mining, electric power, cement and metallurgy will still be the main target industries of Hekang inverter in the future. At present, in China, the market competition of general high-voltage inverter has entered a white hot, with less and less profit space. The price war will only make enterprises scarred. Timely adjusting development ideas is also an important step to achieve the goal. Hekang inverter has made great efforts in this regard, On the one hand, implement economical production and reduce product costs; On the other hand, we should strengthen research and development and move towards high-end technology. The continuous expansion of the sales volume of vector high-voltage inverter also confirms this point. The diversified development in the future is also the new positioning of Hekang inverter for its future development


quality, innovation, efficiency and win-win are the eight character business philosophy of Hekang inverter, and quality comes first. It can be seen that producing high-quality products is the only rule of Hekang inverter

the user is God. One word of the user is worth a thousand words of the manufacturer. We selected two users' pertinent comments on Hekang inverter to let you experience the concept and practice that Hekang inverter always puts quality first

he Ximing, an engineer of Jilin Hongding Chemical Co., Ltd., has several experiences: our company purchased a hivert-106/077 high-voltage inverter from Hekang inverter in June 2005. After years of operation, the performance is generally stable and reliable; Because the equipment often operates at low speed in our company, it has been verified that it operates stably; The after-sales service of Hekang inverter is friendly, thoughtful, meticulous and does not bother asking questions. Special thanks to the technical personnel of Hekang frequency conversion engineering for their strong technical support to our company, and I hope to give more technical guidance and help in the future

Biotechnology Department of Guodian Xuanwei Power Generation Co., Ltd.: our 4 x 300MW generators and 4 condensate pump frequency converters use the products produced by Hekang frequency conversion. The frequency converter device has been in good operation since it was put into operation in 2006, and the equipment operates stably to prevent water from penetrating into the bridge deck structure. When Hekang inverter was contacted in case of abnormal equipment or other questions, they gave active support and help, and the technical support was in place in a timely manner. Be anxious about what users are anxious about and think about what users think. Due to the strong support of Hekang frequency converter, the condensate pump frequency converter has been better used

as users say, good products and services are the foundation for the sustainable development of enterprises. Hekang inverter said that they will continue to produce excellent products and provide perfect services for users

the successful listing of Hekang inverter has opened up a broader space for its future development. With the continuous increase of orders, the production capacity of Hekang inverter also needs to be significantly improved. In addition to the existing Shijingshan production base and Shunyi R & D center, the Yizhuang production and R & D base invested by Hekang inverter has also been completed and will be put into use. The base integrates scientific research, production, storage and other functions, including production workshops, scientific research buildings, comprehensive buildings and other buildings. It has the largest total capacity and the largest number of high-voltage inverter, synchronous and asynchronous motor load and energy feedback test platform in China. At the first extraordinary general meeting of shareholders in 2010 held a few days ago, Hekang inverter decided to use the over raised funds of 21.185 million yuan to build a high-voltage inverter production and R & D base located in Wuhan East Lake New Technology Development Zone. All these clearly show the determination of Hekang inverter to significantly expand production and R & D scale

7 years, 2000 sets of these words not only represent the past, but also predict the future. Let's wait and see how Hekang inverter in the future will write a new brilliant chapter

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