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Most of them adopt utm7504 z03 ring stiffness testing machine

Erdos, Inner Mongolia 1

in accordance with the notice of the people's Government of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region on further strengthening power support to promote the normal production of enterprises' independent research and development and independent production of 1% production of ball point pen head and ball seat materials (nezf [2013] No. 50), further strengthen the multilateral trading of power and expand the scope of multilateral trading of power, Our committee actively promotes the multilateral trading of power, encourages enterprises to increase the power load, and coordinates the power department of the economic and Information Technology Commission of the autonomous region and the trading center of Inner Mongolia electric power company to actively help enterprises to change industries every six months to participate in the multilateral trading of power, so as to reduce the cost of production and power consumption

as of April 2018, a total of 109 enterprises in our city have entered the power multilateral trading market. In June, the total trading electricity completed was about 7.038 billion kwh, saving about 424million yuan in electricity costs

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