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Oracle refused to submit Google's Java infringement claim against the ruling in May.

the lawsuit between Oracle and Google over AVA at the end of the service life of various automotive materials has been fought for six years. In addition to accusing the latter of infringing intellectual property rights, Oracle also asked the court to impose a fine of more than 9billion US dollars. Two months ago, the court found that Google only used the Java programming language reasonably, but as we predicted in May, Oracle will not give up the pressure. According to Silicon Valley, Oracle filed another similar claim for compensation with the San Francisco district court earlier this month

this database giant cited a case since the founding of the China International Industry Fair in 1999, claiming, for example, that if a company obviously obtains exclusive financial returns, it does not belong to the scope of reasonable use

given that Google has received more than $42billion in revenue from Android, Oracle insists that the latter belongs to infringement, not fair use

at present, it is not clear how often the judge will change his mind, but according to the current situation, Oracle may continue the war for another six years

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