China has formed a relatively complete LED industr

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China has formed a relatively complete led industrial chain

since the invention of high brightness LED (light emitting diode) in the last century, after more than ten years of efforts, it has reached the stage of functional lighting, and gradually entered the field of general lighting, and has formed a relatively complete industrial chain, which has been valued by countries and relevant large group companies. China is also closely following the forefront of the world's science and technology, accelerating the LED research and development and industrialization

industry status high brightness LED is growing rapidly

in recent years, the output of LED devices and chips has increased rapidly, especially high brightness LED chips and devices. According to the statistics and calculation of the optoelectronic devices branch of China Optical and Optoelectronic Industry Association, there are currently more than 2000 enterprises engaged in LED in the country, including more than 40 research and production units engaged in epitaxial growth and chip manufacturing, about 600 device packaging enterprises, including about 100 packaging enterprises of a certain scale, and more than 1700 application products and supporting enterprises. From raw materials, epitaxial growth, chip manufacturing, device packaging, application products and supporting equipment and instruments, China has formed a relatively complete industrial chain

breakthrough in epitaxy and chip technology

the core technology of LED is the epitaxy growth and chip manufacturing technology of high brightness LED. In recent years, the government and relevant research institutions have attached great importance to the development of LED core technology and invested a lot of funds and manpower in research. The main research institutions include Peking University, Tsinghua University, Nanchang University, semiconductor Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of physics of Chinese Academy of Sciences, 13th Research Institute of CETC, etc. In terms of epitaxial growth and chip manufacturing, such as epitaxial growth of Gan materials on different substrates (Al2O3, Si, SiC, AlN), graphical substrate epitaxy, non-polar or semi polar epitaxy, substrate transfer, laser stripping, eutectic welding, ITO electrodes, surface roughening and photonic crystals have been developed, and good research results have been achieved in improving internal and external quantum efficiency. AlGaN deep ultraviolet (260nm ~ 400nm) light-emitting diodes have been developed, We have also developed a 1W led blue chip, which has a white LED luminous efficiency of more than 80lm/w, and developed a quaternary AlGaInP red power LED device with a luminous efficiency of about 40lm/W. Nanchang University has developed Gan grown on silicon substrate with independent intellectual property rights, and made blue and green LED chips, which have been industrialized

the major domestic LED epitaxial growth and chip manufacturing enterprises include Xiamen San'an, Dalian Lumei, Shanghai Blu ray, Shanghai lanbao, Shandong Huaguang, Hangzhou Shi LAN Mingxin, Jiangxi Jingneng optoelectronics, Hebei Tonghui, Shenyang Fangda, Xiamen Qianzhao, Jiangxi Lianchuang, Nanchang Xinlei, Shanghai Dachen, Shanghai yuti, Shenzhen Shiji Jingyuan, Shenzhen orlonde, Yangzhou Huaxia integration, Langfang Qingxin, Gansu Xintian power, Wuhan Diyuan Xi'an Zhongwei, Guangzhou Puguang, Dongguan Fudi, as well as foreign-funded enterprises such as Wuhan Huacan, Xiamen Jingyu, Xiamen Mingda and Jinjiang Jinglan, have done a lot of work in chip structure and process improvement, and have achieved great results in improving product performance, yield, process repeatability, and improving light aging resistance and reliability. In 2008, there were more than 30billion high brightness LED chips, including 8billion to 10billion blue and green chips. In 2007, the domestic production of high brightness chips exceeded 21billion, with a growth rate of 75%, of which blue and green chips were about 6.5 billion, with a growth rate of 62.5%

led packaging enterprises are small in scale and large in number

domestic LED packaging enterprises are characterized by small scale and large number, 500 ~ 600, with a certain scale, and about 100 enterprises with sales of more than 10 million yuan. The main packaging enterprises are Xiamen Hualian, Foshan Guoxing, Jiangsu Wenrun, Guangzhou Hongli, Ningbo Shengpu, Jiangxi Lianchuang, Tianjin Tianxing, Langfang Xingu, and deep parts can be dried or cleaned with soft air pipes Dry air blows dry Shenzhen Ruifeng, Shenzhen Zhizhi products Shenzhen Lehman, Shenzhen guangquzi, Zhuhai Lifeng, etc. There are a wide range of devices that can be encapsulated, including single tube, composite tube, pixel tube, digital display, various backlights, smd-led, micro led, matrix display, special display, white LED, power LED and high-power LED module, etc. powerful packaging enterprises have invested a large amount of research and development strength in improving packaging structure, improving heat dissipation performance, improving light output efficiency Good results have been achieved in improving anti light failure and reliability. Now 1W LEDs can be packaged in batches, with a luminous efficiency of 100lm/w, and the thermal resistance can be controlled within 10 ℃/w. The 13th Research Institute of CETC has developed high-power LED packaging products with independent property rights. In addition, it has also developed new vertical structure solderless power LED packaging products with independent property rights, which has made contributions to the power LED packaging industry

the supporting capacity of domestic LED packaging materials and accessories is very strong. Except for some materials, most of the materials are provided domestically, mainly including gold wire, silicon aluminum wire, epoxy resin, silica gel, silver glue, conductive glue, brackets, strips, plastic parts, packaging molds and fixtures, which have formed a certain scale. Enterprises mainly use the materials for a long time, which will produce yellowing and aging phenomena, concentrated in the Pearl River Delta and Ningbo. In addition, the phosphor used to package white LED is also being researched and produced by more than a dozen domestic enterprises, and has been widely used in white LED packaging. Dalian Luming has developed silicate phosphor with independent intellectual property rights. In addition, it has also developed nitride phosphor with independent intellectual property rights, which can excite red and green light by blue light. It can form white LED from RGB three primary colors, and the effect is very good, which has made a contribution to white LED packaging

rapid progress has been made in the construction of standards and testing platforms

China has made great progress in formulating semiconductor lighting technology standards in recent years. The standard coordination group of the national semiconductor lighting engineering research and development and industry alliance has achieved fruitful results in coordinating the formulation of standards and collecting semiconductor lighting technology standards. Relevant Chinese associations also actively participate in the relevant international standardization organizations CIE and IEC, participate in the formulation of professional standards, and communicate with relevant standardization organizations such as the United States and Japan. With the continuous development of LED technology and the continuous maturity of application products, relevant standards will continue to be issued

great progress has also been made in promoting the construction of semiconductor lighting detection platform. The detection institutions in Beijing, Shijiazhuang, Shanghai and Xiamen, which used to have a good foundation, are further expanding, and the detection items and contents are constantly improving. The construction of testing platforms in Shanghai and Xiamen, which are mainly supported by the Ministry of science and technology, has begun to take shape and can provide testing services for semiconductor lighting products. In order to provide a better public testing platform for promoting the development of semiconductor lighting industry, we should further carry out sample testing and calibration with relevant international testing institutions. In addition, the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China (AQSIQ) agreed that Xiamen product quality inspection institute would prepare to build the "national semiconductor light emitting device (LED) application product quality supervision and inspection center", with an additional investment of 50million yuan on the original basis, which will be completed and accepted in November 2009

domestic LED industry investment increases

in recent years, domestic investment in LED industry has increased mainly in two aspects: first, national and local governments support the development of semiconductor industry. Relevant government departments have increased capital investment to support the research and development of semiconductor lighting industry, such as the basic research project funds invested by the Ministry of education in universities, the R & D project funds invested by the Chinese Academy of Sciences in research institutes, and the R & D funds invested by the Ministry of science and technology in the "863" project. Many provinces and cities have also invested in various forms to develop the semiconductor lighting industry, and more than a dozen provinces and cities have developed the semiconductor lighting industry as a key industry in the region. Second, enterprises increase capital and expand production and prepare to build new enterprises. Relevant domestic enterprise groups and private capital have actively invested in the semiconductor lighting industry in recent years, with an estimated investment of more than 10billion yuan. In recent years, domestic LED pre process enterprises have newly purchased 40-50 sets of MOCVD equipment and hundreds of sets of chip manufacturing equipment to expand their production capacity. The five largest LED packaging enterprises in China have invested in the construction of new plants in the past two years, and have successively moved into new plants, increased capital to purchase automatic packaging equipment, and expanded enterprise production capacity. In addition, due to the increase in investment from all parties, many new enterprises have been added in the past two years

the application field is expanding, and the application products are increasing.

LED has the characteristics of energy saving, environmental protection, long service life, etc. 3. Encoder also has the advantages of small size, low driving voltage, rich and adjustable colors, good focusing performance, fast response speed, etc. the application area of LED is expanding, and the application products are also increasing

large gap in high brightness chips

although the output of high brightness LED chips exceeded 21billion in 2007, it is still far from meeting the domestic market demand, and imported chips account for a large proportion, especially high-performance LED chips and power LED chips are almost all imported. In 2008, the output of high brightness chips exceeded 30billion, but it still cannot meet the domestic market demand and still needs to be imported in large quantities

although the output of high brightness LED devices reached 25 billion in 2007, the actual demand exceeded more than 30 billion, especially high-performance LED devices, which almost all rely on imports

the current focus of the domestic LED application product market is different from that of foreign countries. At present, LED is mainly used for backlight, automobile and information display in the world, while at present, it is mainly used for information display, landscape decorative lighting, traffic lights and some functional lighting in China, such as flashlight, desk lamp, fluorescent lamp, spotlight, downlight and street lamp, especially the development and application of urban landscape lighting and street lamp, which is becoming a hot spot at present. It is estimated that the output value of LED application products will reach 54billion yuan in 2008. With LED chips, devices, modules and supporting raw materials, the output value of the entire LED industry will exceed 100billion yuan

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