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The author of ora learned that there are several ways to judge the advantages and disadvantages of experimental machines without understanding technology. Nge launched a true cloud based service for enterprise customers. Ctiforum news on April 20 (Haoyu): Orange Business Services launched telepresence pass, which further strengthened its video service portfolio. This is a new cloud based service, which can provide more economical and Flexible and scalable solutions

telepresence pass is an easy to deploy and future oriented solution that can benefit enterprises:

cloud real infrastructure

monthly billing telepresence pass enables enterprises to easily take advantage of the advantages of integrated video conferencing in themselves and their business ecosystems. Because telepresence pass can make customers do not need to invest a lot in the management of equipment or solutions

vivek Badrinath, CEO of orange business services, said, "our goal is that enterprises everywhere can use video without restrictions. The key is to provide customers with a wide range of video collaboration options so that they can choose the solution that best suits their business needs."

telepresence pass joins the video service portfolio provided by orange business services. The supporting network environment, extensive conference experience and the overall strategy to enable enterprises to make the best use of their video investment play a supporting role

real ready Network - unparalleled capacity, quality and coverage

high quality network is essential to ensure excellent customer experience during video conferencing. Orange's network has added 21 real service countries, and continues to improve bandwidth, with service availability as high as 99.95%

orange business services' complex solution graphite is divided into crystalline graphite (flake) and aphanitic graphite (powder). Nicolas Roy, head of the business department of the case, said: "Among all applications, video may be the most difficult to predict. Our group invests about 750million euros every year in our international backbone and related IT infrastructure to ensure that the network can provide the coverage, bandwidth and quality required by customers to enjoy an excellent video experience."

interoperability - operators, terminals and connections

interoperability means that enterprises can collaborate with their business ecosystem through any device and any interconnection. At present, orange has signed far true interoperability agreements with five service providers. In addition to at t, BT, Tata and Telefonica, orange business services recently announced the signing of the latest interoperability agreement with Verizon enterprise solutions. In addition, orange also hosts the open Video Collaboration Alliance (ovcc), which aims to promote the market towards video interoperability

flexible service management mode and customer support

orange business services provides comprehensive service management to facilitate IT departments and end users. Since orange offers a variety of options from self managed to fully managed "turnkey" solutions, it managers can choose flexible service models according to their own needs. End users can also easily arrange and participate in video conferences and get the support they need

about Orange Business Services

Orange business services, a sub brand of France Telecom orange, is committed to B2B services. It is a global leader in providing various communication solutions for multinational companies. 2. Repair broken wires or check sockets orange business services has the world's largest seamless voice and data network, covering 220 countries and regions, and provides local support in 166 of them. Orange Business Services provides a full range of communication services, including cloud computing, enterprise mobility, M2M, security, unified communication, video conferencing and broadband, which can achieve the best customer experience in the world. Thousands of enterprise customers and 1.4 million mobile data users rely on the international platform of orange business services to communicate and perform business. Orange business services has won the "world's best operator Award" at the world communications awards for four times

France Telecom orange is one of the world's leading telecom operators, with 172000 employees worldwide and sales of 45.3 billion euros in 2011. Orange is the main brand of France Telecom Group, and its business covers Internet, TV and mobile services in the country. France Telecom (nyse:fte) is listed on Euronext Paris and the New York Stock Exchange. CTI Forum Report

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