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Orange helps transform the International SOS global emergency response infrastructure

this solution will enable more than 1200 doctors and more than 200 security experts to assist global customers through a safe and stable network

orange business services will support the International SOS, the world's leading comprehensive medical, clinical and security service organization, to transform and manage the overall communication infrastructure, including the emergency network. Its goal is to improve the ability of International SOS to provide round the clock and timely assistance to its members in more than 70 countries through 27 assistance centers and 36 International SOS clinics

network integration realizes centralized management and saves costs

as part of the five-year contract, it increased by US $0.555/t (15180000 tons); The ocean freight from Western Australia to China is $4.350/ton. Orange will redesign, integrate and manage various networks of International SOS located in 118 locations in 50 countries. In addition, orange will provide fully managed, integrated and optimized network solutions to optimize International SOS applications while making its infrastructure visible and controllable. The integration of the existing firewall and security architecture will achieve centralized management and control

orange will also develop a centralized call center architecture for 27 assistance centers and increase business continuity enhancements by providing managed IP solutions

orange network provides life for International SOS customers

International SOS CIO Richard mg Davies said: network infrastructure is the lifeline of our business, every call is urgent, and every response means that lives can be saved. No damage; The package should be printed with product name, manufacturer name and address, production date, product grade (excellent product, first-class product, qualified product), adopted standard number, implemented health standard number and other information. A stable, safe and reliable infrastructure is the core to effectively contact those who need us. Although we will bring cost efficiency through this new model, our cooperation with orange will help us reach the remote location more timely and effectively, and provide our members with a always unimpeded medical and emergency assistance

Yee may Leong, senior vice president of Orange Business Services Asia Pacific, said: in the past few years, technology has changed the way of emergency response, medical aid and patient care. Advanced communication solutions and network coverage have become the key to providing modern medical care, and we are very happy to participate. At the same time, we are also very happy to cooperate with International SOS and hope to save more lives through our communication solutions

about International SOS

International SOS is the world's leading healthcare, medical assistance and safety service company. Its customers cover more than 700 regions in 76 countries around the world

the specialty of International SOS is unique, with more than 10000 employees, led by 1200 doctors and 200 safety experts. Wang Zhonghui, an all-weather member of the International SOS team, believes that first of all, it is necessary to create an innovation ecosystem of graphene, which is always ready to help members

International SOS has initiated a series of preventive plans and provided unparalleled response to emergencies, and is keen to help customers put the duty of care into practice. Multinational corporations, governments and non-governmental organizations can reduce the risk of their remote or overseas workers by cooperating with International SOS. For details, please login

about Orange Business Services

Orange business services is a branch of orange that provides B2B services. It is a leading global provider of comprehensive communication solutions for multinational enterprises. With the largest voice and data seamless network in the world, Orange Business Services operates in 220 countries and regions, and provides local support in 166 of them. Orange Business Services provides comprehensive communication services, including cloud computing, enterprise mobile, M2M, security, unified communication, video conferencing and broadband, providing the best in class customer experience worldwide. Thousands of enterprise customers and 1.4 million mobile data users rely on orange business services international platform to communicate and conduct business. Orange business services won four awards in the 2013 World Communications award, the best global operator, the best cloud service, the best enterprise service, and the best small business service. Orange business services has won the world communications Award for the best global operator for seven times

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