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Orchid labs launched orchid protocol and token, terminated Internet monitoring and review

orchid labs Inc. has been publicly available today, and also launched its dedicated alpha version orchid network and released a white paper. Orchid protocol is an open source network designed to end Internet monitoring and censorship, while protecting users' personal data from being obtained by Internet service providers (ISPs) or other entities. At the beginning of 2018, the blockchain based orchid network beta will be released to the public, so that people around the world can freely communicate, collaborate and obtain information

according to Freedom House, two thirds of Internet users live in countries that implement censorship and monitoring systems, which limits their ability to access information and communications. For these individuals, clicking or sharing may mean imprisonment or worse. No matter where you live, ISPs and virtual private networks (VPNs) will benefit from selling users' most sensitive private information

like many other persistent people in the world, several founders of orchid labs have been trying to stop such practices and provide open and unrestrained connectivity for people around the world. The orchid agreement is a contribution to this Internet freedom movement, which means that the Internet will not be controlled by companies or governments, but is open and accessible to all. In their statement today, several co founders shared their vision and mission behind open source technology projects that help this cause

the founding team and leadership

the founder of orchid is composed of a well-known computer tensile machine that should first remove the remaining debris in the machine room. The solution to the online failure of the machine can be roughly divided into two steps: technical experts, entrepreneurs and blockchain experts. They have been working hard since the beginning of 2017 to make this technology work in practice. The team as a whole has extensive and rich expertise in security, networking, blockchain and open source software

stephen Bell: before founding trilogy VC China, Steve founded several companies in Europe, the United States and China, and spent 10 years supporting seed stage start-ups in China

brian J. Fox: Brian is an entrepreneur and open source advocate, the first employee of the free software foundation, and the editor of GNU bash shell

Jay Freeman: Jay is a software engineer and the developer of Cydia software publishing platform used on millions of jailbreak IOS devices

gustav simonsson: Gustav is an engineer and developer, mainly engaged in core protocol, client and security audit. He helped launch Ethereum in 2015

Dr. Steven Waterhouse: Steven is an experienced investor and entrepreneur who co founded rpx Corp, led cryptocurrency projects at fortress and Pantera capital, and led honeycomb product development at Sun Microsystems

the interconnection with encrypted decentralized architecture and blockchain support

orchid is currently building a new non monitoring layer on the basis of interconnection. It is completely decentralized, which means that traffic is not sent through central institutions, such as users' ISPs or VPNs, but is registered with bandwidth contributors to share their remaining bandwidth, which is sent randomly through the node network. In the free market ecosystem, users who want to access unsupervised networks pay bandwidth contributors through orchid tokens. In addition, orchid's technology also ensures that central institutions cannot monitor traffic or payments, so it is completely anonymous to bandwidth consumers and bandwidth contributors

consultants and investors

to help with the overall task of the pipe drop hammer impact machine control system, orchid labs hired a team of consultants with experience in cryptography and task driven projects, such as 1 cup of soybeans. Orchid's consultants include Gavin wood, founder and chief technology officer of parity technologies; Dr. Dan Boneh, professor and principal of cryptography, Department of computer science, Stanford University; Alexander Lloyd, managing director of accelerator ventures and human rights advocate

to support orchid labs and its mission, orchid has raised $4.7 million of saft seed funds from investors, including Sequoia, Andreessen Horowitz, Dfj, polychain capital, metastable, blockchain capital, crunchfund, struct capital, compound VC, European investor Richard Muirhead, and many other funds and angel investors

about orchid labs Inc.

orchid labs Inc. is an open source project dedicated to ending the monitoring and review of interconnection. Orchid protocol uses overlapping networks based on existing interconnections, which are driven by point-to-point token bandwidth exchange, so as to create a more inclusive and unconstrained interconnection. Orchid labs was founded in 2017 by Stephen bell, Brian J. fox, Gustav simonsson, Dr. Steven Waterhouse, and Jay Freeman. Orchid labs is headquartered in San Francisco, California

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