China has made mandatory provisions on pesticide p

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China has made mandatory provisions on pesticide packaging and labeling

in order to effectively guide and help farmers accurately identify, purchase and apply various packaged pesticides, the relevant national departments have made a mandatory provision for pesticide packaging and labeling

the specific content of the regulations on the administration of pesticides is that pesticide packages must be labeled or attached with instructions, and must be attached with product quality inspection certificate. The label must be attached or printed on the package. At the bottom of the pesticide outer package label, there should be a color indicating the category of pesticides parallel to the bottom. Jinan experimental machine factory universal material experimental machine is a kind of marking strip of tensile testing machine specially invented for the mechanical properties of insulator materials, in which green represents herbicide, red represents pesticide, black represents fungicide, and dark yellow represents that the fracture of plant biological samples is always broken on both sides, and the length regulator, Pesticide name, enterprise name, product batch number, pesticide registration certificate number or temporary registration certificate number, pesticide production approval document number, active ingredients, content, weight, product performance, toxicity, purpose, use technology and method, production date, validity period, precautions, sub packaging unit, etc. shall be indicated on the pesticide label or instruction. The validity period or quality assurance period of pesticides is generally two years. Expired pesticides must be inspected by pesticide identification institutions at or above the provincial level. Only when they meet the standards can they be sold within the permitted period of time on the premise that the words "expired pesticides" are marked and the use method and dosage are attached. Where the type and name of the active ingredient contained are inconsistent with the type and name of the active ingredient indicated on the pesticide label or instruction manual, and a non pesticide is passed off as a pesticide or this pesticide is passed off as another pesticide, it is a fake pesticide. All pesticides that do not meet the quality standards of pesticides or lose their use efficiency, as well as those mixed with harmful ingredients that lead to drug damage, are low-quality pesticides

the regulations also emphasize the use of pesticide packaging or labels for false publicity and deception; Selling expired pesticides without inspection or without marking "expired"; The production and operation package is not attached with the quality inspection certificate and the pesticide with incomplete labels and unclear experimental methods; Those who produce and sell inferior pesticides, once verified, will be subject to compulsory punishment by the local administrative departments for Industry and commerce according to law

according to the regulation revised by the state, farmers should pay attention to the inspection of pesticide packaging and labels when purchasing and using pesticides in the future. Those who do not meet the above requirements must not buy or use. At the same time, once fraud is found, users and consumers can directly report it to the industrial and commercial administration and the relevant agricultural departments, and have the right to appeal, so as to protect their legitimate rights and interests from loss and infringement

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