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Implementation of the measures for the administration of overseas securities investment by qualified domestic institutional investors

from today on, fund companies and securities companies that meet the relevant conditions in the Trial Measures for the administration of overseas securities investment by qualified domestic institutional investors (hereinafter referred to as the "QDII measures") will be able to formally apply for QDII qualification, and QDII expansion is imminent. It is understood that some powerful fund companies and securities companies have made full preparations

xuxiaosong, deputy general manager of South Fund, said that the company had started the preparation of QDII products as early as half a year ago. At present, the company has reached a cooperation agreement with American Mellon group, and the product design scheme is basically mature. The preliminary idea is to design the company's first QDII product as an active stock fund with medium to high risk. A securities trader also revealed that the relatively large securities traders in Shenzhen have also been carrying out research on the design of related products for a long time, and the products are also mainly stock funds

Xu Xiaosong also said that the relevant investment research personnel of the company, that is, personnel with overseas investment management experience, have also been in place

"for the company, it is very important to diversify the product structure, which not only ensures the safety of users, but also extends the life of spring testing machines. The expansion of business from domestic to overseas is a fundamental change; in addition, many investors have begun to have the demand for global asset allocation." Xu Xiaosong said

The QDII management measures have made detailed provisions on the financial status, credit standing, asset management scale, and operating life of the fund management companies and securities companies to apply for qualification. Statistics show that there are not a few fund companies that meet the relevant conditions, with about 20

before that, banks have been dominating the QDII market. An insider believes that QDII products launched by banks have been widely sought after by investors, and it is believed that QDII products launched by professional asset management companies such as funds and securities companies will also be recognized by the market. Some people also worry that the expectation of continuous appreciation of the RMB will affect the sale of such products, but Xu Xiaosong said that the company has fully considered this factor when designing products, and in the long run, the product revenue can fully make up for the loss of RMB appreciation

since the China Securities Regulatory Commission promulgated the QDII management measures, the market has some panic about this, assuming that these details are well tested. In theory, QDII will divert funds from the A-share market, hoping to contribute to the development of bio based materials industry in Jilin Province. However, a fund manager in Shenzhen believes that QDII needs to check the following points: the negative impact of the A-share market is quite limited, because after all, its capital volume is very small

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